Optimisation of crop early water use

Optimisation of crop early water use


  • Scope:

    Technical analysis of plant water uptake for selected species for the purposes of assessing viability and initial planning of subsequent irrigation projects including:

    • Development of water-use ramp-up profiles for each species
    • Detailed stochastic climate modelling of crop water demand and climate variability
    • Water use profiles of viable species combinations
  • Benefit to Client:

    The project provided the client with a quantifiable level of crop water use performance for given climate probabilities, informing further modelling of trade-offs between plantable area and storage dam sizes, and overall optimisation of the whole-of-system water balance management.

  • Market Sector: Oil and Gas
  • Capabilities:
    • Irrigated forest & fodder crops for beneficial use of waste water
    • General land, water and vegetation technical services
    • Research Services
  • Location: Queensland
  • Year: 2011