Native forest evaluation to support urban rezoning application

Native forest evaluation to support urban rezoning application


  • Client: Private
  • Scope:

    A survey was undertaken to assess native forest tree heights, health and proximity to infrastructure, and the results assessed against local government development conditions for private land to provide an evaluation of the suitability for retention and clearing of individual trees.

  • Benefit to Client:

    The report supported an application by the landholder to clear trees potentially threatening to infrastructure due to proximity to buildings, or in a dangerous condition due to decay.  It also supported the landholder in development of improved fire management practices.  The resulting application to Council to clear targeted trees was approved without question or delay, allowing the landholder to achieve their objective of reducing risk to lives and infrastructure.

  • Market Sector: Municipal and Urban
  • Capabilities:
    • Native Forest Management
    • Project commercial services
    • Project approval, permitting and regulatory services
  • Location: Queensland
  • Year: 2008