Second rotation E. globulus seedling and coppice yield review

Second rotation E. globulus seedling and coppice yield review


  • Client: Timbercorp
  • Scope:

    Preparation of an independent assessment of the client's approach to yield estimation of the 2R seedling and coppice crops including:

    • evaluation of soil water depletion
    • rainfall
    • seed control
    • pest and disease management
    • ripping and genetics
    • coppice stump survival (and variability)
    • realised seedling genetic gain
    • coppice wood density
    • coppice shoot disease susceptibility
    • 2R seedling root disease susceptibility
    • optimum coppice shoot number

    (Under sub-contract to MBAC Consulting Group)

  • Challenge:

    The client was faced with conflicting opinions and data around the relative economic benefits of growing second rotation plantations by replanting seedlings or managing coppice regrowth.

  • Solution:

    Verterra brought a scientific and practical understanding to elucidate the underlying reason for conflicting data on the preferred 2R management strategy. By bringing this mechanistic understanding, Verterra was able to recognise that the preferred strategy varies between sites. Verterra was able to provide an approach for the client to assess each site to determine the most profitable management option.

  • Benefit to Client:

    The project provided the client with an objective review of their 2R strategy, identified information requirements and opportunities to improve both the prediction of 2R seedling and coppice crop yield, and brought the best available science to underpin suggested improvements on the most appropriate management approach for 2R land. These outcomes assisted the client to optimise plantation productivity, commercial returns and investor confidence.

  • Market Sector: Renewable resources - agriculture, grazing and forestry
  • Capabilities:
    • Forest and fodder crops
    • General land, water and vegetation technical services
    • Research Services
  • Location: Western Australia
  • Year: 2007