Scoping study for cattle production, carbon and sequestration

Scoping study for cattle production, carbon and sequestration


  • Scope:

    Technical and business case evaluation of properties suitable for the dual purpose of cattle management and tree establishment to meet development approval conditions on carbon and vegetation offsets.

  • Challenge:

    Development conditions requiring establishment of trees for biodiversity and carbon sequestration represented a substantial cost liability.

  • Solution:

    Verterra identified the opportunity to integrate the regulatory liability for tree establishment with opportunities for improvement of operational efficiencies in livestock management. Verterra was able to prepare a business case to establish the capacity of the integrated approach to deliver cost savings and improved management and compliance outcomes.

  • Benefit to Client:

    The project will help the client evaluate the most cost effective option to reduce cattle management costs and meet mine development approval conditions.

  • Market Sector: Mining
  • Capabilities:
    • Carbon bio-sequestration
    • Vegetation and biodiversity offsets
    • Project commercial services
  • Location: Western Australia
  • Year: 2012 - 2013